Melitta® 6600

A robust coffee machine for easy preparation of large volumes of coffee.
Top aroma extraction guaranteed by even pressure-free fi ltration system using Pyramid® filter papers.



Melitta® 660 - Pyramidenfilter

Melitta® Pyramid filter

Pressure-free Melitta® Pyramid filter guarantees optimal extraction even at small volumes.

Melitta® 660 - erhöhte Bodenplatte

Raised Base

Raised base for filling large coffee pots.

Melitta® 660 - Heißwasserausgabe

Hot water spout

Hot water discharge expands range of beverage types available.

Melitta® 660 - Dosiermengenwahl

Volume selection

Flexible capacity from just 2 litres up. Additional: Descaling indicator.



Melitta® 6600 - Einzelbausteine

Modular system

All elements are engineered from high quality materials, making the machine ideally suited for use in kitchens, canteens and banquet halls.
A modular system guaranteeing both ease of use and economy.

Melitta® 6600 - Spezialtisch

Special Counter

Hot water unit, pyramid filter and coffee urn form a unit which can be expanded upon as required:
For example, by a special counter with height-adjustable drip-tray, enabling easy filling of large coffee pots, or by a practical service

Melitta® 6600 - Servierwagen

Serving trolley

Stainless steel tubular frame.

Melitta® 660 - Filterpapier (Pa SF 220 G)

Filter paper (Pa SF 220 G)

Content: 100 pcs
Order No: 014228

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