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“If it says Til, it means Til”

Interviews, congratulations and DIN A3-sized pictures, all printed on eco-friendly paper: the newsletter announcing the Barefoot Hotel’s “grand opening” lives up to its name. Equally authentic is the conversation it publishes between the two main protagonists regarding the origins of their joint project. In late 2014, Mirko Stemmler, CEO of Jasika Holding, read that the German actor Til Schweiger dreamt of one day opening a hotel that would express his vision of architecture and interior design. Just 14 days later, the two men met at the Baltic Sea resort of Timmendorfer Strand, where the holding company had recently acquired the aging Meridian Hotel.

His first impression was very sobering, reports Schweiger. “Dreadful concrete architecture”. He was just about to turn his back on the idea when he saw an old photo inside. It was of the hotel at the turn of the century with beautiful wooden balconies. That was the kind of atmosphere he was looking for. A return to a simpler age. Til Schweiger and Jasika Holding reached an agreement: the owners would handle the building’s complex remodeling program, while the actor, director and designer would be responsible for the concept and supply furnishing elements from his Barefoot Living line ( Something he takes meticulous care of: “If it says Til, it means Til. Whatever the doubters say, I really do choose everything myself – right down to the individual screws.”

2½ years later, and his dream has become a reality. The Barefoot Hotel Timmendorfer Strand is about to open. In touch with nature and featuring plenty of wood and warm natural colors. “I love this mixture of Scandinavia, Mallorca and the Hamptons,” says the designer. May 27, 2017: grand opening with 900 invited guests. Heiner Lauterbach predicts a successful career in the hotel business for his friend and colleague, writing: “Watch out you Hiltons and Adlons”. Also spotted were Milan Peschel, Tim Wilde and Herbert Knaup.

Brushing shoulders with the celebrities was our colleague Ronald Voigt. Restaurant chef Ruben Kremer thanked him for his tremendous support by inviting him to the event. Together with our service technicians and barista coach Clemens Koller, the regional manager had certainly pulled out all the stops to ensure that everything was in place for relaxed coffee enjoyment on the opening day. “Work was still going on all around us,” reports Ronald Voigt as he recalls the staff training sessions for the 3-outlet semi-automatic Cafina® Life Aroma Perfect Barista Steam. The Barefoot Hotel’s breakfast area features La Tazza Verde filter coffee prepared by a Melitta® 608. At the opening ceremony, delicious coffee specialties were served at the press of a button by the fully automatic Melitta® Cafina® CT8.

Mirko Stemmler has come full circle: over 20 years ago, he trained here as a hotel specialist. “Now there’s a fresh breeze in the resort,” says the CEO. “And I’m convinced our Barefoot Hotel will set a strong benchmark in the Bay of Lübeck and breathe new life into the local hotel and catering scene.” We’re glad to lend him our support and wish the hotel and its guests a wonderful time with relaxed coffee enjoyment!

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