International Training Centre

International Training Centre

Training in theory and practice for service technicians and service partners worldwide. We train in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and French.

The following topics can be considered,
and trained:

  • Coffee expertise
  • Issues around water and water treatment
  • Working with the "Sales & Planning"
  • Working with the laptop / software updates of the machine
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventive yearly maintenance
  • Certifications of the technicians
  • Training for sales

Our topics include construction,
function and operation of:

  • Fully automatic coffee machine from Melitta and Cafina
  • Filter coffee machines
  • Semi-automatic coffee machines (Reneka)

If you have training needs, please contact us:

Support Anfrage (DE)

Support request (EN)

The locations

We ensure our partners are trained to support you, by offering local training classes by our factory trained staff.

International customers have the opportunity to undertake training at:

  • International Technology Center Melitta in Minden, Germany
  • Training Center Cafina in Hunzenschwil, Switzerland

The Team

Eduard Hoffmann
Andreas Kaiser
Mario Kühne
Rainer Chojetzki
Markus Löbbering
Olivier Mathieu
Niels Kottkamp
Daniel Schneider

Features and objectives of the courses

The training of a qualified technician Melitta include:

Basis courses in which the technician understands the technology of the machine and can take the machine properly into operation. Possible faults must be detected and eliminated.

Advanced courses take place after one year of experience in the field where the technician learns more about maintenance and advanced troubleshooting.