Melitta® 170

The robust filter coffee machine with glass jug or thermal jug.



Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

The decalcification signal ensures low service costs. Illuminated power indicator. Robust, electronically controlled instantaneous water heater.

Gentle storage

Gentle storage

Thermal jugs for the Melitta® 170 MT are available in two versions: 1.85 Litre (screw-top lid) or 2.2 Litre (pump jug).



Melitta® 170 - Glaskanne

Glass jug

Glass jug with a capacity of 1,8 l.

Melitta® 170 - Isolierkannen

Thermal jug

Thermal jug for Melitta® 171 MT with a capacity of 1,85 l (screw top) oder 2,2 l (pump mechanism).

Melitta® 170 - Pyramidenfilter

Pyramid filter®

Filter paper for clear and grounds free filter coffee.
Guarantees a high yield in flavour even with small quantities, retains almost all torrefaction and bitter constituents.

Melitta® 170 - Filterpapier (PA SF 202 S)

Filter paper (PA SF 202 S)

Content: 100 pcs.
Order No: 14576

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