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A passion for creativity

More than 500 companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland had applied for the food business award “Gastro Gründerpreis 2016” and six winners from Berlin (“Zum starken August”, “Bone Brox”, “Restless Lucky”), Cologne (“Mashery”, “Bad Ape”) and Münster (“MS Günther”) took to the stage of the “Kraftwerk” at the Berlin Food Night on October 4.


What makes coffee so special.

Coffee is not just warm and brown. Coffee is not simply espresso, café crème or filter coffee – no, coffee is a way of life, a moment to share with others.

In a world of supposed 24/7 availability, this is particularly surprising. But is it not much more intimate to chat over a cup of coffee rather than via email, Twitter, Facebook etc.?


Coffee enjoyment at 1,763 meters

Surrounded by Europe’s largest pine forest, Hochschober Hotel is located 1,763 meters above sea-level on the southern shore of Lake Turrach. Guests here are treated to luxurious four-star accommodation and food. In 2016, the hotel in the Austrian Alps of Styria and Carinthia was voted one of Europe’s top 100 hotels by the highly respected travel magazine “Geo Saison”. And of course such a distinguished environment calls for the ultimate in coffee enjoyment – which guests can enjoy in the new Crystal Spa featuring a Melitta® Cafina® XT4.


Magic ice settling

With the aid of liquid nitrogen (-196 °C), physicist Boris King and business graduate Philipp Niegisch conjure up the freshest creations (photo) in front of their guests within seconds.